Dog Walking

All dogs, regardless of their size or breed benefit from being taken for walks on a daily basis. Dog walking is an important ritual in keeping a dog mentally stable. Like humans, dog's energy levels vary, but even a dog with low energy levels will enjoy and benefit from a stroll around the park.

A tired dog is a well behaved dog, through regularly walking them, many behaviour issues such as chewing, barking, digging etc can be controlled. After a long walk a dog enters into a calm state of mind which enables them to become more receptive to training and behaviour corrections.

What We Do!!

At Waggle & Walk we will walk your dog on a 1:1 basis or socialise it with other dogs as you wish. A typical walk may include: basic command training or reinforcement of commands that you use, lots of use of positive reinforcement and not forgetting that all important play time and affection.

Group Walks

This will include up to a maximum of four dogs at any one time. It is imperative that your dog does not show any signs of aggression towards other dogs or humans.

Please note: Uncastrated males over the age of 9 months and bitches in season are NOT acceptable on group walks.

The dog walker will also feed and water your dog if required on return.

1:1 Walking

Your dog will have the sole attention of our dog walker, enabling them to build up a good relationship and have time allocated specifically to them.

The dog walker will also feed and water your dog if required on return.